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The wondrous world of holy hardware
Struggling to find that perfect birthday gift for a loved one? Looking for something theological to impress the new minister? Look no further and prepare for blessing as we introduce you to godly gadgetry.
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61: Mormon doorknocker
mormon doorknocker
OK, it looks like something a mafioso might wear – or something your family planning adviser might suggest – but be not afraid! Allow the Doorknocker Company to introduce this Mormon gadget: "Knocking doors all day makes for sore knuckles. Many missionaries will tell you they carried a stone, golf ball or coin to knock doors. But the Missionary DoorKnocker helps to stop the long months of knuckle pounding" (and no, that's not a euphemism).

For as little as $6, you can own your very own DoorKnocker, and apparently you can even make it a family tradition and pass it on to your kids when they too become Mormon missionaries. DoorKnockers come in Brass or Silver Aluminum along with a velvet carrying pouch.
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Holy Father Emeritus! Add some ex-infalliblity to your life with our B16 gadgets.
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