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Photo of war memorial   Badvent Calendars
The Advent Calendar furthest from the original story of Christmas, as voted by our readers.
Photo of war memorial   Love, secrets and footie
Tim Pike reviews Steve Goddard's novel, Rattles and Rosettes, the story of two football fans living a century apart.
Photo of cigarette packet   Holy smoke!
Introducing our first print publication in more than two decades, a novel embracing the WW1 trenches and football.
I believe in Rev.
Almost 50 per cent of Christians would be happy to go to the church of Rev Adam Smallbones in the BBC sitcom Rev.
God and cake at the Sunday Assembly
The Mystery Worshipper calls in on godless church the Sunday Assembly in Belfast.
The canon, the dean and the wardrobe
A Mystery Worshipper is on hand to witness CS Lewis inducted into Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey.
Shaming the tiger
Gavin Drake investigates the unravelling story of kung fu champion turned prison evangelist Tony Anthony.
Born again testimonies
You may be, but has your testimony been born again? Watch our video and end boring testimony misery for ever.
Holy dispenser!
Put an end to deadly raging epidemics breaking out at your communion services with this handy host dispenser.
Here I Stand
At last! A souvenir from Wittenberg which captures the dignity and gravitas of Martin Luther: "Here I Stand" socks.
A Canterbury tale
When Justin Welby sank into the chair of Augustine as new ABC, the Mystery Worshipper was on hand to report.
Pippa's Progress
Times have changed since Pilgrim headed up the Hill Difficulty and into the Slough of Despond towards the Celestial City.
Global warm-up
The death of ecosystems is hardly laugh-a-minute stuff, but comedian Paul Kerensa performs a set on climate change.
Hicco Homo
Church officials in Zaragoza, Spain, can now drown their sorrows over the "restored" Jesus fresco with a new wine.
Who cares about online sacraments?
Over the summer, we ran a survey on how people feel about online sacraments. Mark Howe looks at the results.
Warm regards
Concerned about climate change, All Humankind fires off a letter to God suggesting how he could improve the situation.
Digital bread and wine?
Why are church leaders wary of the idea of online church? Mark Howe looks at online communion.
Beards only need apply
The Bearded Wonder of Canterbury is stepping down, but which among England's hairiest bishops stands a chance of replacing him?
On the Camino trail
Follow Augustine the Aleut, one of our most seasoned Mystery Worshippers, as he walks the Camino pilgrimage route in Spain.
Dear John
Blogger Emily Birkinshaw wrote the Archbishop of York a letter asking why he wrote a column in Rupert Murdoch's new Sun on Sunday.
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