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Comments and corrections

If you have a comment or correction about a Mystery Worshipper report, please post here for possible inclusion on this page, or else on our Ecclesiantics bulletin board, where you can discuss with other readers. Several of our Mystery Worshippers also post on the board.

New comments

> 3316: Uncle Max was treasurer at St Matthew's, San Francisco


> 3309: Babel at St Mark the Evangelist, Hood River, USA?
> 3308: Sins & sinners at Northminster Presbyterian, Phoenix
> 3302: The thurible at St Mary's, Stanley, Falkland Islands
> 3298: Report or judgment? Peace Lutheran, Peoria, USA
> 3279: Why no penitential rite at Catholic Outreach, USA?
> 3275: Why no cross at St Mary's, Birmingham, USA
> 3274: Bishop had a sore throat: Exeter Cathedral, UK
> 3272: Spot on! Church of the Epiphany, Tempe, USA
> 3271: Is Tewkesbury Abbey Anglo-Catholic?


> 3262: Well done! The Nativity, Bethlehem
> 3243: I'd have made cocoa! St Laurence, Cambridge, UK
> 3241: Bach Vespers at St-Mary-at-Hill, Eastcheap, London
> 3238: The "Mystery Preacher" at St Patrick's Patterdale
> 3200: Why no young people at Grace, Surprise, USA?
> 3198: The bells at Bristol Pride Service
> 3194: Come back again to St Brelade's, Jersey
> 3153: Service at St John's, Smith Square, unfairly criticised
> 3147: Who is the "mystery saint" at St George's, Berlin?
> 3146: The end of the Cowleys? Ss Mary & John, Cambridge
> 3141: The psalms at St Anselm Community, Lambeth Palace
> 3122: Spot on, but come again: Encanto, Phoenix, USA
> 3120: Preaching at Laestadian Lutheran, Cave Creek, USA
> 3114: Fireplace Church not the only "Spirit filled" church


> 3097: St Brendan's, Los Angeles, does have an organ
> 3085: Encouraging words for St Paul's Community, Denver
> 3072: Lord's Supper clarified: Belmont Christian, Virginia
> 3069: Don't come on a holiday: McKinney Church, Ft Worth, TX
> 3068: Crossed stoles at S. Maria Domkyrka, Visby, Sweden
> 3060: Singing lusty, not off-key, at Whiteface UMC, USA
> 3038: Thanks for visiting "Old St Joe's," Philadelphia, USA
> 3034: What a beautiful service! French Church, NYC
> 2994: Why consecration delayed? St Mark's, Harrogate, UK
> 2985: Where is Whitfield's tump? St Mary Newington, UK
> 2979: Come for the music next time! St Paul's, San Diego
> 2970: Why quizzed at Westminster Chapel, London?


> 2958: The mass schedule at St Gregory, Cheltenham, UK
> 2951: Wakeup call for Village Church South, Surrey, BC
> 2945: Sermon clarified: Laird Street Baptist, Birkenhead, UK
> 2910: Thanks & come back any time! St Peter, Stockport, UK
> 2909: Why not introduce yourself? St George, New Orleans
> 2907: Come see for yourself! St Giles, Northampton, UK
> 2906: Irresponsible, troubling report: Holy Trinity, Brompton
> 2880: The architecture of Church of the Angels, Pasadena
> 2873: The old wooden altar at St Paul's, Cheshunt, UK
> 2856: Not our usual: Redland Parish Church, Bristol, UK
> 2853: It's only a concert: St Mark's Cathedral, Seattle, USA
> 2846: Why no confession? Grace & Holy Trinity, Kansas City
> 2845: My experience was different at St Hilary's, Wallasey, UK
> 2827: We'll do better next time: Advent, Boston, USA
> 2818: Not so hard to find? Grace Family Church, Aigburth, UK
> 2815: Who was that deacon? St Johns, Detroit, USA
> 2813: More about the BCP: St Mary the Virgin, Hamilton, ON
> 2811: Is Ronald Crane a priest? Chichester Ordinariate, UK
> 2806: Come have some pancakes! St Mary's, Lliscard, UK


> 2794: Some facts re Loyola Retreat House, Morristown, USA
> 2792: Some corrections re Gustaf Adolfs Kyrka, Liverpool
> 2781: Truly warm and reverent: St Walburge's, Preston, UK
> 2770: Wish I was there! Worcester Cathedral, UK
> 2760: Watchtower & Bible study: JW Convention, Liverpool
> 2741: Assumption calendared? St Joan of Arc, Orleans, USA
> 2733: Charming report! St Mary the Virgin, Shepperdine, UK
> 2719: Some interesting facts re St Mary's, Alexandria, USA
> 2712: Why no paschal candle at St John's, Trowbridge, UK
> 2707: Was the mass at Ladyewell, UK, concelebrated?
> 2705: Sorry you had to stand: St Elisabeth's, Wallasey, UK
> 2697: Lovely vicar: St James the Less, Pimlico, London
> 2679: Chanting of the Passion at Prince of Peace Abbey, USA
> 2673: Instruments played at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, UK
> 2667: Some clarification re St Mary the Virgin, Sawston, UK
> 2665: The reporter misheard me: North Phoenix Baptist, USA
> 2664: Miss Lawson demystified: St Paul's, Newton Road
> 2659: Is Dome of Home, Wirral, UK, friendlier than reported?
> 2649: The sermon at St Mary Star of the Sea, Oceanside, USA


> 2641: Who is "Father John"? St Paul's, Bedford, UK
> 2636: St Columba's Cathedral is the envy of Oban, Scotland
> 2634: Why is Newinton Green Unitarian an "exception"?
> 2608: Names tags & choir robes at St John, Vancouver
> 2606: Not boring to be prayed for: Crowded House, Sheffield
> 2589: Children not disruptive at St Wilfrid's, Harrowgate, UK
> 2584: Sermon and music at Dulwich Grove URC, London
> 2581: Come back any time: St Mark's Cathedral, Minneapolis
> 2577: Noisy visitors noticed at Grace Church, Charleston, USA
> 2575: Baptism, Baptist style: Shepton Mallet, UK
> 2570: Too hard on minister? Fogo Island United, Canada
> 2562: Who's in charge at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, UK?
> 2553: Worship or observe? St Thomas More, Glendale, USA
> 2544: A skewed, invalid report: Christ Church, Carefree, AZ
> 2517: Who preached at Camden Town Methodist, London?
> 2512: The music at Holy Trinity Lutheran, New York City
> 2508: Who read the intercessions at ABC's installation?
> 2503: Yes, there was coffee at Heavenly Rest, NYC
> 2496: Did Jackie Kennedy attend St Ignatius Loyola, NYC?
> 2489: "Woman" not disrespectful: St Michael's, Auburn, USA
> 2488: Was sermon at Wellington Cathedral, NZ not solid?


> 2455: Was Robert Wright the first black priest in Atlanta?
> 2445: Thanks and lessons learnt: All Saints, Freshwater
> 2433: Greenbelt 2012 report is an unfair appraisal
> 2403: More facts about Christian Life Centre, Horsham
> 2384: Glad to hear Costa del Sol West is flourishing
> 2374: Try the solemn mass next time: St Thomas's, Toronto
> 2381: Reporter too harsh on Our Saviour, Pagosa Springs
> 2315: Congregation loud and proud at Sacred Heart, Ilkey


> 2295: Who posed for the mural at St Agnes, New York City?
> 2272: They were friendly to me: Holy Cross, Woodchurch, UK
> 2228: Who comprises Iglesia Reestructurada, East LA?
> 2207: Highland Park UMC not the Bushes' home church
> 2140: Come visit Sun Valley Mennonite, El Mirage, again


> 2097: Who's behind the altar? St Stephen's, Clydebank, UK
> 2092: Peoples Church, Newtownabbey, blessed by God
> 2052: Thanks and c'mon back! Southover Church, Lewes, UK
> 2035: Many memories of VanlÝse Kirke, Copenhagen
> 2032: Gran would be pleased: All Saints, Melbourne
> 1973: One visit not enough: Superet Light, Los Angeles, CA
> 1958: The age of Catedral de San Ildefonso, Mérida, México
> 1921: Definition of "middle aged" in All Saints Margaret St
> 1864: We love it here! Wave Church, Virginia Beach, USA


> 1775: Has God abandoned Westminster Abbey?
> 1758: SS Peter & Sigfrid not only English church in Stockholm
> 1697: Was reporter mocking St Luke's, Sedona?
> 1681: Malevolent and waspish report of Selly Oak Methodist


> 1659: I'll try it! St Stephen's, Pensacola, Florida, USA
> 1616: "Sabotage" report on Resurrection, Brewster, MA
> 1587: Bells, smells & tea at St George's Cathedral, Southwark
> 1576: Thanks for taking me inside St Anthony's, Istanbul
> 1575: Bethesda in Saratoga Springs is bigger than reported
> 1569: Regular coffee and tea are available at Mars Hill, Seattle
> 1552: Unfair critique of organist at Union Church, Hunstanton
> 1531: Report on St Paul's, Visalia, CA, uses liberal denigration
> 1520: Correction on Christ Church, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides
> 1511: Green colour scheme in Methodist Central Hall, Coventry


> 1480: An encounter with the Infant of Prague in Panny Marie
> 1475: Newman Center at ASU, Tempe, USA, different now
> 1467: Sermon length at Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI
> 1454: C'mon back — we've moved! CCF, Ortigas, Philippines
> 1451: The skull and crossbones in St Peter ad Vincula, London
> 1400: Foreign language readings at Our Lady, Cambridge
> 1398: Architectural note on Gloria Dei, Providence, Rhode Island
> 1384: Why St Mark's Cathedral, Seattle, looks the way it does
> 1378: The "organ" is a piano at Grace, Hamilton, Ontario
> 1375: West Edmonton: "We knew this day would come!"
> 1367: Water leak repaired in the Chapel of Kings College London
> 1361: Holy pretzels at St Mark's, Philadelphia
> 1350: More (than you want to know) about Praemonstratensians
> 1347: The prairie-green vestments of St Paul's, Regina, Canada
> 1338: Bread and circus? St Thomas Aquinas, Bowral, NSW
> 1336: There's always an invite to coffee at St Clement's, Prague


> 1334: Did you mistime the 55 minute sermon? Vanguard, CO
> 1332: St Edmund's, Acle, wants an apology very, very soon
> 1330: Abundant Life, Bradford: "Everybody has heard of it!"
> 1328: Some corrections on Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, DE
> 1327: Welton Baptist preached on hell... what do you expect?
> 1318: Ommitting confession at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
> 1308: Much changed at All Saints, Marlow, Bucks, UK
> 1261: Churchwarden writes from All Saints, Carshalton, Surrey
> 1259: Lutheranism at Liverpool Cathedral: What do you mean?
> 1257: Greeks vs. Romans at St Pancras, Euston, London
> 1256: What are the columns like, on Reykjavík's Hallgrímskirkja?
> 1250: They don't care: Woodmen Chapel, Colorado Sp., USA
> 1245: The ghost of Christ Church, Poughkeepsie!
> 1239: Notes on St Mary the Virgin, Holy Island, UK
> 1229: Likewise, no one spoke to me at All Saints, Margaret St
> 1224: Romsey Abbey, UK, has been "the same for 40 years"
> 1218: Communion in both kinds: St Virgilius, Broad Channel, NY
> 1209: "You've missed the point" at Newman House, London
> 1197: The welcome at Southampton University Chaplaincy, UK
> 1194: Grace & Holy Trinity, KC, serves 500+ meals a Sunday
> 1184: Lack of welcome at St Margaret Mary's, Oakland
> 1182: About the organ at First United Methodist, Hershey, PA
> 1179: About the architecture of St Thomas, Belleville, Ontario
> 1176: The music and preaching of St Mary's, New Haven, CT
> 1164: Difficult but hopeful time at St John the Divine, NYC


> 1157: Accent should be no surprise at Aberfoyle, Scotland
> 1148: MW too "middle class" about OWG, Dartford
> 1141: Report on Second Presbyterian, Chicago, gets it right
> 1130: Thank you: Trinity, Tariffville, Connecticut, USA
> 1116: Greenbelt 2005 communion service
> 1115: St Peter & St Paul, Eye, Suffolk, UK, is not so unusual
> 1105: St Mary of Angels, Chicago, never slated for demolition
> 1099: Directions to the restroom in Cadet Chapel, West Point, NY
> 1098: St James, Preston, was designed by committee
> 1096: Remarks from the pastor of Grace Church, Goodmayes, UK
> 1093: Continental traditions and St Michael's, Edinburgh
> 1088: The butterfly in All Saints, Princeton, NJ, USA
> 1082: "Brief comments" on Christ Church, Alexandria, VA, USA
> 1075: The opening words at St Mary the Virgin, Chelsea, London
> 1073: I wasn't welcomed either at St James, Piccadilly
> 1071: Non-welcome at Southwark Cathedral, London
> 1064: Does UCKG, London, teach health and wealth?
> 1062: (Lack of) welcome: All Souls, Langham Place, London
> 1061: The teaching of Hillsong is unbiblical and disturbing
> 1057: Report " a bit harsh" for The Drive Methodist, Ilford, UK
> 1055: Is Covent Garden Evangelical due for another visit?
> 1050: Sound system in St George's, Hanover Square, London
> 1049: Curses for what you do: Redeemed Church, Tooting
> 1048: Latecomers at Hinde Street Methodist, London
> 1044: Thank you! Wesley's Chapel, London
> 1039: Some incorrect details for Regent Square URC, London
> 1034: Non-musicians at The Salvation Army, London
> 1023: Happy clappy" is disrespectful at KICC, Hackney, London
> 1021: Passing the peace at All Saints, Margaret St, London, UK
> 1007: Spreydon Baptist (NZ) report is a "poor reflection"
> 1005: The coffee at King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells
> 1004: Jim's American accent at Strandtown Baptist, Belfast
> 999: Mystery Worshipper needs saving at Whitewell, Belfast
> 988: Paradise Community person gives it to us with both barrels
> 983: Folk Mass at St Anthony of Padua, Forest Gate, London, UK
> 979: "Liturgically full & grand:" Concordia, Highgate, Australia
> 976: You went to the wrong service: St Paul's, London, Ontario
> 972: Notes on the organ of Christ the King, San Francisco
> 960: The anthem at Grace Episcopal, Amherst, USA
> 956: Is Sint Nicolaaskerk, Amsterdam, Catholic or not?
> 955: The Cathdral in Charleston SC was ruined in the Civil War
> 950: The "pirate" of St Mary the Virgin (Wotton Under Edge, UK)
> 949: Wrong photo of Star of the Sea, Bakau, The Gambia
> 948: Try it again: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Brooklyn, NYC


> 937: Beer & wine served at St Gerard's feast, Newark, USA
> 931: What's the point of Benediction? St Chad's, Bradford, UK
> 915: Flabbergasted by sermon: St Thomas, Kuantan, Malaysia
> 910: Lots of changes happening at Zion, Chesterfield, UK
> 908: The hymn book at Cathedral, St John's, Canada
> 894: Did you attend the same church I know? Willow Creek, IL
> 893: Does the MWer know Jesus? Toronto Airport Fellowship
> 881: Forward in Faith and St Peter & Paul (Uppingham, UK)
> 829: Appalled by the report on Regina Pacis, Brooklyn, NYC
> 793: St Alban & St Augustine (London) closes its doors
> 750: Try revisiting a service at All Saints, Pawleys Island, SC
> 725: Take the bus to St Luke's, Highwoods, Colchester, UK
> 720: West Vale Baptist has closed: Halifax, England
> 716: St Margaret's is "a highlight of my visits to Palm Desert"


> 715: Inaccuracies over Christ Church (Riverton, NJ, USA)
> 648: New priest at St Luke's, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
> 623: Christ Church, Bangkok, Thailand, is too folksy


> 593: Our Lady & St George, Walthamstow, is usually bursting
> 593: The Mystery Worshipper should meet Father Maurice!
> 565: Christ Church, Plano, Texas, no longer Episcopal
> 554: Lansdowne Baptist Church, UK, to be demolished
> 553: Care to pay us another visit? Elim Pentcostal, Coventry, UK
> 538: Much changed at Ebenezer Baptist, Scarborough, UK
> 523: We're much different now: Halesworth & Bramfield URC
> 508: The sandal in the window at Bath Abbey, UK
> 493: Come again to St James, West Streatham, London
> 492: I've always been blessed at Rome Baptist, Rome, Italy
> 471: Jazz worship is not the norm at Asylum Hill Hartford, CT
> 462: Parking tips for Christ the King, Brighton, UK


> 427: St Saviour's, Hampstead, has emerged from the desert
> 415: Joyful, friendly: St Cyprian's, Clarence Gate, London
> 386: Things better now at St Philip's, Charleston, USA
> 385: Exactly as remembered: Eglise Peres Carmes, Brussels
> 362: Clarifying Orthodox practices: Sign of the Theotokos
> 354: Welcomed warmly at United House of Prayer, Roxbury, MA
> 325: Lighthouse, Charmouth, Dorset, no longer exists
> 284: An update on St Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood, CA


> 245: Tulsa Open Bible Fellowship really is as good as you say!
> 224: Dunwoody Baptist, Atlanta, was never Avon Cosmetics
> 136: Things different now at Mutley Baptist, Plymouth, UK
> 167: Why so few at compline? St Peter's, Winchester, UK
> 126: Admirably observed report from Edington Priory, UK


> 90: Our area's high crime rate isn't unusual (Towbridge, Cardiff)
> 81: A note on Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village, CA
> 48: Much has changed at Washington National Cathedral
> 28: Sticky fate of Mystery Worshipper: Harvest Rock, Pasadena
> 1: Thank God for Kensington Temple, London

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