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  1336: St Clement's, Prague, Czech Republic

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1 March 2007

The Mystery Worshipper's report says...

"As we were leaving, the chaplain asked us where we came from. When we replied, "Southwark Cathedral," he retorted, "Oh, that bastion of liberalism!"... Others were invited to coffee, but we were not! Whether it was because we were new, from Southwark, too liberal, or simply because the chaplain forgot, I don't know."

At the start of the service, every service, the chaplain makes the point in his welcome address that at the end of the service, there is coffee hour at number 18 down the street – "take the lift to the top floor and all are welcome". He then invites everyone who is visiting and is a communicant member of their own church to join for communion. Therefore you were not missed out on an invitation for coffee after all.

Perhaps as this was a morning service on New Year's Day, your memory may have been curtailed by excesses on the night before. Or, more likely, as it has taken you over one year to write your report (the report is shown as a 2007 report, but in fact the detail says the service was on 1 January 2006), you simply cannot remember the details over such a long period.

At least the chaplain makes a point of standing outside the church door in the cold, rain or shine, sub zero or above zero, greeting all visitors who came – well, he was brought up in Birmingham. And boy, the 2005-06 winter was cold, so this is more impressive than the congregation lasting the course with heaters round their legs.

The chaplain's comment on Southwark Cathedral and liberalism was obviously true, and made some 11 months before the black eye and throwing toys around the back of the car incident. What foresight into the future the chaplain must have. We must use more of his talents in this regard going forward.

St Clement's Prayer Breakfast clan

Editor's note: The one-year delay in publication of the report on St Clement's, Prague, was due to our not being able to source a good photograph of the church. The report was submitted to Ship of Fools on 5 January 2006, just four days after the service in St Clement's.
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