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The story so far...
Welcome to our features and projects pages, with material ranging from the satirical to the theological. Our archive pages, with material going back (gulp) 10 years, are currently offline, but will be available as soon as we've finished cataloging them.
features and projects
paul kerensa in performance   Global warm-up
The death of ecosystems is hardly laugh-a-minute stuff, but comedian Paul Kerensa performs a new set on the theme of climate change at this month's Greenbelt Festival. He talks about his new role to Ship of Fools.
church of minecraft   An experiment in online communion
Does sharing bread and wine make any kind of sense online? Isn't it a theological impossibility? And anyway, how would you do it... invite people to bring a roll and a bottle of wine to their computer screen? Since no one really knows, Ship of Fools is going to run an experiment in online communion.
church of fools at prayer   Digital bread and wine, anyone?
Why are church leaders so wary of the idea of online church? One minute they don't think it's real, but the next they're warning how dangerous it is. Mark Howe zooms in to the heart of the matter and proposes an experiment in online communion.
st pixels
The successor to Church of Fools, St Pixels is an online church open for prayer, worship, debate and blogging.
the laugh judgment
Follow our quest to find the funniest and most offensive religious jokes in all eternity.
church of fools
In 2004 we ran a three-month experiment in online 3D church, making headlines round the world.
the ark
Big Brother meets the Bible in our Internet reality gameshow set onboard an online Ark.
r father
R father was our competition for the best Lord's Prayer in text message form.
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