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The story so far...
They're witty, urbane, and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. Follow the wayward and irregular postings of the Ship of Fools columnists, as they give their take on the world, the church and the weirdness that is religion on the Net.
ship of fools columnists
Here are the Ship of Fools regular columns, with the most recently-posted columns at the top.

> Crow's Nest Steve Tomkins surveys the raging seas of religious lunacy. This month: hallucinogenic church tea and strippers picketing a church (Oct 2010)

> Loose Canons by Stephen Tomkins introduces people in church history who were one wafer short of a full communion – this month: The mystery of the bishops' box. (Mar 2010)

> Strangely Warmed by Andrew Rumsey – this month: Journey has become the answer you can give in church to just about any question, without fear of ever being wrong. (Dec 2009)

> Hubris 2.0 by Mark Howe – We're thrilled to introduce a new column to Ship of Fools by Mark Howe, one of the techno godfathers of St Pixels. Read the first of his monthly commentaries on Internet culture. (July 2009)

And here's the list of our ancient, now inactive columns...

> 5th Sparrow by Conrad Gempf – this month: ideal community is about rearranging my life to make it relevant to God's word and truth. (Mar 2005)

> Small Fire by Steve Collins – Reports and comment on the alternative worship scene, from Sept 2000 to Aug 2002.

> Unholy Writ by Howard Ingham – The weird stuff that didn't quite make it into the Good Book. (Mar 2002)

> Epistles of Straw by Andrew Walker – Commentary on significant religious and cultural trends.

> Surfer's Paradise by Neil Wills – one man and his computer take to the Net in search of e-culture. (Jan 2002)
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