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born twice signs and blunders
born twice
Divine Doppelgängers
They've never been seen in the same room together. They clearly share a high percentage of the same genes. Meet the people who have been... quite literally... born twice.
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bell and dawkins
From The Man in the Pew Nearest the Exit, 24 March 2011

Scientific research has just proven that Rob Bell, church pastor and author of controversial new book, Love Wins, has overtaken Richard Dawkins as hate figure in chief of the evangelical wing of the church. But more than that, shocking new photographic evidence – where Bell's funky hairstyle and Specsavers glasses are transposed onto the face of Dawkins – shows the two figures may actually be one and the same person. An exact DNA match for the pair is expected within the hour.

Thanks be unto Pam Smith for spotting this.
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