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The lower decks
Welcome to the lower decks, where you'll find material about the inner workings of Ship of Fools, plus contact details, press coverage and other features. See the links below to find the stuff you're looking for.
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ship of fools
what ship plays with icebergs
and plays soft music as it sinks into the ocean?
what ship on the throw of a dice
feeds a prophet to his fishy destination?
what ship breaks its spine on the rocks
and turns the waves black with lubrication?

a ship of fools
but there are fools and
those who seem to be

what ship is built on a dry highland
is launched by a downpour
and flies on watery wings to the peak of a mountain?
what ship has a crew
of taxmen thieves and fishermen
who decide in the howling storm
to make a small sleeping carpenter
their captain?

a ship of fools
but there are fools and
those who only appear to be

Simon Jenkins, 1977
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