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Photo of church with a big keep clear sign outside
Anne Richards has been dipping into the dispatches of our Mystery Worshippers, who drop in on churches and then file a visitor's report. The results aren't always pretty. She asks: How can churches welcome people so they don't end up feeling invisible and lonely?
Whatever Happened to Billy Shears
Steve Goddard has a new novel out, bridging the teenage world of the 1967 Summer of Love, and the grown-up world of now, 50 years on. We stuck a vinyl copy of Sgt. Pepper on the turntable and asked Steve to tell us all about it.
Mystery rapture   Trekking the Camino
One of our best-travelled Mystery Worshippers has been on the back roads of Spain on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.
Mystery rapture   Red shorts in the choir
Our Mystery Worshippers have been busy 'getting fresh' for Lent in St Albans, and spotting red shorts in the choir in Phoenix, Arizona.
Upside down Bible   Upside down Bible
A new book looks at Jesus's parables through the eyes of atheists, trade unionists and sex workers. Symon Hill explains.
Judging by numbers
Fiona Gibson responds to megachurch pastor Andy Stanley's comment that parents who take their children to small churches are "stinking selfish".
Hairshirt for Archbush
Canterbury's hairiest Archbishop of the past 1,000 years has been awarded his very own t-shirt, with Darwin, Freud and Dickens.
Quizzed about the sermon
The Mystery Worshipper visits Westminster Chapel and is quizzed in the coffee queue about the sermon.
Beware the warrior archaeologists
Rowan Williams explains how 'warrior archaeologists' are manipulating the past and using it as a weapon.
Religion must be a laughing matter
In the wake of the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, Simon Jenkins argues that all religions need to be satirised.
Love, secrets and footie
Tim Pike reviews Steve Goddard's novel, Rattles and Rosettes, the story of two football fans living a century apart.
Holy smoke!
Introducing our first print publication in more than two decades, a novel embracing the WW1 trenches and football.
God and cake at the Sunday Assembly
The Mystery Worshipper calls in on godless church the Sunday Assembly in Belfast.
The canon, the dean and the wardrobe
A Mystery Worshipper is on hand to witness CS Lewis inducted into Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey.
Shaming the tiger
Gavin Drake investigates the unravelling story of kung fu champion turned prison evangelist Tony Anthony.
Holy dispenser!
Put an end to deadly raging epidemics breaking out at your communion services with this handy host dispenser.
Global warm-up
The death of ecosystems is hardly laugh-a-minute stuff, but comedian Paul Kerensa performs a set on climate change.
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