6. Jesus and Mary Switchplates

Mary switchplate Jesus switchplate

"Let the Lord light up your life – literally!" says the sales blurb for these inspiring household switchplates. As long as you are correctly wired up, all you need do is give Jesus a punch in the shoulder, or the Blessed Virgin Mary a good poke to the collar bone and – bingo! – you get the full 60 watts.

Caution: Fumbling in the dark with grubby fingers over this "dramatic artwork from religious paint-by-numbers" could give the holy twosome some nasty facial injuries. If you want to risk this irreverent gesture, then the sacred switchplates can be yours for a mere $10.00 each.

Click here for further info and ordering.

Thank you, Karen L. Ford, for sharing this product with the rest of us. Your reward awaits you in heaven.

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